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PD-V2 in the mountains

PD-X reaches 73 MPH in drive-mode with power to spare

Design and construction continues on the PD-X with new 100 HP system that has taken the vehicle to 73 MPH in drive-mode with power to spare. A new four wheel independent suspension system is in development. The new Twin Pod design mockup has meet or exceed the design goals in extensive flight testing, including cruise […]

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Plane Driven to begin R&D on the PD-X

After a tremendously encouraging response by the aviation community to the Roadable Sportsman called PD-1 at Oshkosh in 2010, the company of Plane Driven has now entered into further research of the design with a new test version that will be called PD-X. PD-X will be an evolving and refining design leading to a final […]

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EAA Sport Aviation covers the PD1 at Oshkosh

Great article written by Bud Davisson for EAA Sport Aviation magazine covers the development of the new Plane Driven design and history of roadable aircraft. Great photographs in flight. It was one of the big stars of the show this year at Oshkosh. The article about Trey Johnson’s Plane Driven can be viewed here.

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