About 1

Plane Driven was conceptualized and founded by Trey Johnson after recognizing the benefits of a roadable aircraft. Pilots who encounter inclement weather that prohibits continuous travel to their destination have desired a vehicle that could overcome this challenge. Over the past year the Plane Driven build team and engineers have worked on developing the unique design of the PD-1.

The PD-1 is designed to perform as an aircraft first and a vehicle second.  By incorporating a movable and auxiliary drive pod, the plane maintains its original center of gravity.  During the transition, the wings rotate back along the side of the fuselage, the tail hinges and vehicle controls are quickly snapped into place.

A kit is in design for the Glasair Sportsman.  Pilots who are interested can contact Plane Driven today to find out more information.

Patent pending.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to all who have helped take PD-1 from a dream on a napkin to reality:
Synergy Air: Wally Anderson, Phil Sahnow, Brian Ross
Glasair Aviation: Ian Hawk, Ben, Ephraim Carter, John, Neal Zimmers,
Scott Taylor, Harry DeLong, Nigel Mott, and more
Jeff Miller and crew in the paint shop
Stoddard International: Bruce Hamilton, Mike
Welding: Hilder Rosales, Tony Horvath
Also special thanks to Art Stakowski, Cliff Gerber, Jim Muldoon, Gary Lobdell,
Larry Davis, and all those that I might have missed.
This project could not have succeeded without the help of such an
exceptional (and friendly!) team.